Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oh Van-Gogh...

 Today was one of those "fill your own cup" days! (then you can fill others...)  For my Birthday, my sweetheart took me to the De Young Museum.  Oh my.....

 We had cups of hot chocolate and croissants and then had lunch in San Fran.  A totally wonderful day....and the paintings? Seriously brought tears to my eyes.  I had no idea that they would be that breathtaking!
Thanks Vincent for your inspiration....and thanks Rob for taking  me to fill up my cup.


Thursday, October 21, 2010


 6x6 oil on panel

I have been thinking a lot about painting.   I remember when I first started painting watercolors, being totally impatient with my progress.  Donna, in her wisdom, told me that I had to paint a mile of bad paintings before I would paint a good one...the point was to keep painting no matter what.  I found this to be true-then and now.  Sometimes, I put off painting even when my brain is telling me to get busy and pick up the brush, I fear my own failure and don't start.  But today, I heard someone say that "If you want to improve, it's better to paint thirty 1-hour paintings, than one 30-hour painting."   Just the kick in the rear that I needed to get going again.  So here is a simple painting...nothing that will rock the world....but maybe another starting point to keep me going on my painting journey.



Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sour and Grapes

6x6 oil on panel

Brothers of Different Mothers
8x10 oil on panel

I have been setting up a few still life's lately.  We have been frequenting the farmers market that is near where we live.  The hardest part is getting it painted before we eat it!  Love Summertime! 


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Compliments on the Beach"

6x12 oil on panel

I sat down to paint a small painting of fruit...and ended up wiping it three times!  One of those dreaded days where I am pretty sure I have forgotten how to paint at all.  So I washed my hands of the whole thing...literally.  So, (you have to know what's coming) after a few tears....OK a lot of tears.... I pulled myself together, ate some lunch and piddled around a bit...then sat down again.  This time, I decided not to care.  All of a sudden, 4 hours had gone by.  It was like I was on auto pilot.  I really can't explain why this happens!  And I really can't understood why my brain is so wired to care so much about what the heck is on that stupid little canvas!    This is a picture of a couple that were on the beach in Florida...they looked so beautiful together I spent an afternoon following them around taking pictures....does anyone else see a pattern forming?  Can you say O-C-D!  HA!

Loving the journey,
Accepting the journey, (ok...maybe both)


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Pears and Pottery"

8x10 oil on panel

This is a little pottery cup that my daughter made a number of years ago in a class at school.  It's amazing how you get attached to little objects like this. It goes so well with all the pinch pots and coil pots that have become mine over the years...usually mother's day gifts!  (my favorite kind!)   I'm so glad I have it now, because every time I look at reminds me of her. Good day painting today...sunshine and paint...what's not to love about that?

Here's to happiness,

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bella Donna

I have been wanting to do a post dedicated to one of my all time favorite people in my life...Donna O. Kearney.  and for the past couple of weeks I have been having serious home sickness for HER!  So I need to share her with you.  This is Donna:
I met Donna about 15 years ago, after discussing with a friend about a painting class she was taking.  She invited me to go with her, assuring me that the teacher wouldn't care if one more person came to the class.  I agreed to go. The teacher taught painting out of her basement.  I had really been needing something in my life that would help me to be creative again.  I felt at the time like I had forgotten myself, totally lost in motherhood and family, I needed something just for me. (Brain junk is an awful thing....)  We showed up for the class...and the room was completely packed!  I mean packed like sardines!  As we were walking in....I heard someone asking Donna if she was taking any new students...she was saying, "No....we just don't have room right now..."  Then in we came, and Jamie said "I brought a friend with me."  Donna looked me straight in the eyes...(and I'm not kidding) it felt like she was looking into my soul and sizing me up.  She said, "except for you.  I have room for you."  It still makes me cry, thinking about it today.  We are sisters, her and I, and that night she saved my life.

Thanks Donna.  You're the best.

Friday, July 2, 2010

An "oldy..but goody"....

 Oil on Canvas 24X48

Years ago my good friend, Danielle, asked if I would do a painting for her home.  She wanted a french looking landscape.  We found this old book that had black and white pictures of french cities so I dove in. I had been painting exclusively with watercolor at that time, so I was a bit nervous, but I got into the zone fairly quickly and had a great time with it! This was the resulting painting. A few years after I painted it, the movie Chocolat' came out and to our astonishment, the opening scene of the movie is a panoramic shot of this same little town!  Right down to the church in the center square!  I had the chance to see it again recently...(it felt like seeing a long lost child). I also got to visit with my sweet  friend, who I love dearly. She is very talented in her own right and you should definetly check out her website(here)'ll be glad you did.
As for me, I have been traveling, visiting, kissing grand kids, then moving when I got back to California....whew...I need a vacation from my vacation!  We are getting settled, now and it's time to crack open the painting supplies!  Happy summer!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Reflections at 42"

6x6 Oil on canvas panel

"Peace for Patti"
30x48 Oil on Canvas

I just returned from a vacation to Amelia Island, Florida! It was truly FABULOUS! I went to visit my sister-in-law, Liz and spend some time fishing, sun-bathing, painting, and fishing some-more. We had such a great time and I can hardly wait to go back....soo0o many sources of inspiration for painting. The second piece I did for my new friend Patti, who lives on the island. She is an audiologist and wanted a painting that would be peaceful for her patients as they take their hearing tests. As I sat at the beach...all blissed out...I thought "There is nothing more peaceful that I can think of right now!" So I put a few pictures together and came up with this scene.

Also, to catch a few of you up...I moved! Actually, Rob and I moved a couple of months ago to the San Fransisco Bay Area, in California. It has been quite a transition for us...but so far we are loving it. I am busy, but still finding time for painting and for vacations! (just call me the bi-coastal girl...) Life is Good.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just an Apple

( 5x5 oil on canvas panel)
Back painting with so much to tell..but no time right now! I will fill you in on all of the details soon!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Spot on.

I found this today, and LOVE it. It is exactly what I need to hear.

Every artist should listen to this. So insightful.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Drawing on that a word?

It has been forever since I last posted...our world has turned upside down...has it not? First the holidays, then my husband and I have recently moved to California! Packing, crying, saying goodbyes...loading, unloading...Yikes! I have lived in Utah for nearly 29 years...and all of a sudden everything changed! I think it will be really great, but I have to admit that my emotions do get the best of me some times. (so far away from family....)
I have been determined to keep going with my art...far more easier said than done. Right now I can't even find my paints and brushes, let alone a canvas to get something started! So today I pulled out a piece of paper and a stubby old pencil and began to draw! "I will keep going!"(she said to herself defiantly...)
Thanks for checking back occasionally...even if there is nothing new to see. I promise to pull it together soon!