Friday, July 2, 2010

An "oldy..but goody"....

 Oil on Canvas 24X48

Years ago my good friend, Danielle, asked if I would do a painting for her home.  She wanted a french looking landscape.  We found this old book that had black and white pictures of french cities so I dove in. I had been painting exclusively with watercolor at that time, so I was a bit nervous, but I got into the zone fairly quickly and had a great time with it! This was the resulting painting. A few years after I painted it, the movie Chocolat' came out and to our astonishment, the opening scene of the movie is a panoramic shot of this same little town!  Right down to the church in the center square!  I had the chance to see it again recently...(it felt like seeing a long lost child). I also got to visit with my sweet  friend, who I love dearly. She is very talented in her own right and you should definetly check out her website(here)'ll be glad you did.
As for me, I have been traveling, visiting, kissing grand kids, then moving when I got back to California....whew...I need a vacation from my vacation!  We are getting settled, now and it's time to crack open the painting supplies!  Happy summer!


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Danielle said...

and I LOVe this, for sentimental reasons. :) (Had no idea you wrote this Denise!) Forgive me for being slow.... miss you like crazy!