Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bella Donna

I have been wanting to do a post dedicated to one of my all time favorite people in my life...Donna O. Kearney.  and for the past couple of weeks I have been having serious home sickness for HER!  So I need to share her with you.  This is Donna:
I met Donna about 15 years ago, after discussing with a friend about a painting class she was taking.  She invited me to go with her, assuring me that the teacher wouldn't care if one more person came to the class.  I agreed to go. The teacher taught painting out of her basement.  I had really been needing something in my life that would help me to be creative again.  I felt at the time like I had forgotten myself, totally lost in motherhood and family, I needed something just for me. (Brain junk is an awful thing....)  We showed up for the class...and the room was completely packed!  I mean packed like sardines!  As we were walking in....I heard someone asking Donna if she was taking any new students...she was saying, "No....we just don't have room right now..."  Then in we came, and Jamie said "I brought a friend with me."  Donna looked me straight in the eyes...(and I'm not kidding) it felt like she was looking into my soul and sizing me up.  She said, "except for you.  I have room for you."  It still makes me cry, thinking about it today.  We are sisters, her and I, and that night she saved my life.

Thanks Donna.  You're the best.


Danielle said...

Oooooh, I love this Denise. You've captured that special bond you have with Donna. I remember when you were first painting with her and how happy of a time that was. SO glad you are still painting, my friend. It's just a part of your soul. (makes me cry)

Cami Nicoll said...

I don't think there's a soul on Earth who has met Donna and not felt an immediate connection with her. I started taking lessons with her when I was 12, and here I am 16 years later and still thinking fondly on those marvelous classes.