Friday, September 18, 2009

Long Drink of Water

16x12 oil on canvas

Well, I have been painting away, having a great time doing this portrait of my son in law-Jeff. He is a very tall red-head whom we all adore and miss right now because he is away doing training in the Air Force. Hopefully, this will help us all to keep him in our minds, hearts and prayers.
I have really been having a great time lately, with my "painting partners". I've been trying to talk them into doing blogs of their own. I find that artists in the blog world are SO supportive and helpful! It has really been awesome to find a comment here and boosts me and I really appreciate it. (you have no idea...) It really doesn't matter what level you are on, we are all trying to find ourselves, improve, express our's all good! I thank you for helping me on my journey.