Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Drawing on that a word?

It has been forever since I last posted...our world has turned upside down...has it not? First the holidays, then my husband and I have recently moved to California! Packing, crying, saying goodbyes...loading, unloading...Yikes! I have lived in Utah for nearly 29 years...and all of a sudden everything changed! I think it will be really great, but I have to admit that my emotions do get the best of me some times. (so far away from family....)
I have been determined to keep going with my art...far more easier said than done. Right now I can't even find my paints and brushes, let alone a canvas to get something started! So today I pulled out a piece of paper and a stubby old pencil and began to draw! "I will keep going!"(she said to herself defiantly...)
Thanks for checking back occasionally...even if there is nothing new to see. I promise to pull it together soon!


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