Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sour and Grapes

6x6 oil on panel

Brothers of Different Mothers
8x10 oil on panel

I have been setting up a few still life's lately.  We have been frequenting the farmers market that is near where we live.  The hardest part is getting it painted before we eat it!  Love Summertime! 


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Compliments on the Beach"

6x12 oil on panel

I sat down to paint a small painting of fruit...and ended up wiping it three times!  One of those dreaded days where I am pretty sure I have forgotten how to paint at all.  So I washed my hands of the whole thing...literally.  So, (you have to know what's coming) after a few tears....OK a lot of tears.... I pulled myself together, ate some lunch and piddled around a bit...then sat down again.  This time, I decided not to care.  All of a sudden, 4 hours had gone by.  It was like I was on auto pilot.  I really can't explain why this happens!  And I really can't understood why my brain is so wired to care so much about what the heck is on that stupid little canvas!    This is a picture of a couple that were on the beach in Florida...they looked so beautiful together I spent an afternoon following them around taking pictures....does anyone else see a pattern forming?  Can you say O-C-D!  HA!

Loving the journey,
Accepting the journey, (ok...maybe both)