Thursday, October 21, 2010


 6x6 oil on panel

I have been thinking a lot about painting.   I remember when I first started painting watercolors, being totally impatient with my progress.  Donna, in her wisdom, told me that I had to paint a mile of bad paintings before I would paint a good one...the point was to keep painting no matter what.  I found this to be true-then and now.  Sometimes, I put off painting even when my brain is telling me to get busy and pick up the brush, I fear my own failure and don't start.  But today, I heard someone say that "If you want to improve, it's better to paint thirty 1-hour paintings, than one 30-hour painting."   Just the kick in the rear that I needed to get going again.  So here is a simple painting...nothing that will rock the world....but maybe another starting point to keep me going on my painting journey.




Carol Schiff Studio said...

You must have completed your mile because this is definately a keeper!

Kit said...

I like it.
oh, and you may now look at my website

Liz said...

wow!!! you really have finished your mile 300 miles ago.

deb montgomery said...

again that was me..weird.