Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A drum beat with my name on it.

Yesterday I spent the morning with some old friends. (I love how you can not see someone for a really long time...then pick right up where you left off when you get together...you know?) I used to get together to paint with Sherri and Linda a long time ago...but life paths took us in different directions. They are both still on a creative journey, that I love. 
Sherri shared some of her expressions yesterday that I have to pass on to you. Sherri is a sensitive and analytical person. I love this about her so much. In her world, no rock goes unturned and she is in constant pursuit of who she is as a woman, artist, and human being.
What she creates speaks volumes to who she is and what her journey has been. I love it.
This is a portion of her work:
(click on the images to see detail...)
There is a conversation that has been rambling around in my head for some time now. I was talking to Donna a few weeks ago, and she was expressing how in art you have to learn all you can...study the masters, read every book, try every technique, immerse yourself in every aspect of what you love. Then after you have done all of this...you go to your canvas or paper, and forget all of that. Then just paint. But not with anything other than your own voice. Your own passion.
This has been the hardest lesson for me to learn. I keep trying to figure out what I want to "say" in my paintings. Who I am as an artist...I am still on the journey.
But I have to confess that sometimes this journey is very painful for me. I want it all now....I mean RIGHT NOW. OK...maybe the real deal is that I am putting the cart before the horse and what I really need to do is conquer the technique first. Did Rembrandt have a bunch of crap paintings that no one knows about before the masterpieces came? Where are they?

Thank you to my friends who make me think one more time about hard questions. Who make me pick myself and the brush up one more time to try it again.

Isn't self-introspection delicious?