Saturday, September 6, 2014

Painting through July

Did you think I fell off the earth? Me too. The last little while has been quite challenging, physically....but through the month of July, I was able to spend a lot of time painting with Donna and Sean Kearney, and my creative cup ran over. More blessings from above. Here is what was on my easle....
Watercolor and charcoal....Thank you Sean for the inspiration!

Oil painting for Ema and Toni...this was not the finished painting. (but I forgot to take a picture at the end...) I ended up adding in another little dog for them, and adding more details all around.
Love you guys!

Oil painting for my girl, Danielle.
This was so much fun!  got my loose on and let the paint fly!
 It seriously painted itself....I LOVE when that happens.
 Love you my friend.....

It was such a great summer!  Sending love to all!