Tuesday, February 3, 2009

There is beauty all around...when there's "no" one home.

Sorry, I don't have a decent title for this one yet...I'll think of something better.....

This is a pic of Donna's play house that is in her backyard. She built this all by herself and it is truly a work of art in itself. She added stained glass windows and really cool doors and all kinds of antiques to the inside and did the stucco on the outside....she is really amazing. I feel priveledged to call her "friend". Did I mention she is also my teacher? ( I will do a post sometime just dedicated to her, so you can get to know her.) Anyway, her play house is totally
"magical". It feels like you are entering Snow White's house and should expect to find dwarves there....way cool. Ms. White, I am sure would agree. (maybe I'll call it ms. white plus 7...?)

I decided to do a study of it and at first I hated it so much! I swear there were elements that made me want to throw it away! ( I did parts of the trees 3 times before I felt it was right!)
But, I persevered and LEARNED so much! I am glad now that I stuck with it. It has been a really good thing for me in the long run.

This is a detail of the finished painting.
The reflections in the puddle on the sidewalk are my favorite. :}

Happy Painting!

Love, Neisy


Miss W said...

Lovely! I am just starting to work with oil paints. Having a hard time.
Any recommendations as far as drying time and cleaning go?

Happy painting to you too!

Neisy said...

miss W...thank you for your comment!! I hope you are having happy painting days!
hmmm...drying time has never been a problem for me (until I try to go and do a glaze before it's dry then I get all impatient.)but usually I need the time anyway to stand back and really think about what's happening in the painting...you know what I mean?
I will for sure check out your blog..