Friday, January 30, 2009

Looking Back

These are the finished paintings of what I have been working on all through
last fall. Check them out:


oil on canvas
by Denise McConnell

This is a study that a bunch of us did together. All from the same pic. They all turned out sooo different!

"Dream House"

oil painting
by Denise McConnell

This is a from a snapshot of Levi when we took him to Mexico. He was probably around 9 years old then. (he's 20 now!) I have been wanting to paint it forever....It's never to late!

"Doin' Huntsville in 4th Gear!"

oil painting
by Denise McConnell

This was from a collection of pics I took of Mattie. There is no 4th of July celebration as good as the one in favorite place in the world!

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