Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This blog has changed a bit. It started out for a very different purpose, but circumstances have brought changes. I have, however been bitten by the blog bug! so I've decided to keep it going as a record for myself and others. As they say...when a door closes, a window opens
(and you're still stuck with a draft....).

I am back, as it were, from the dead. I have felt like my creative life was over for a long while. but when the door closed, God opened the window wide and the creative blessing has been flowing hard and fast. I have a lot to catch up on ( I havn't painted for about 10 years) but it's kinda like riding a bike. (you know what i mean.)

So, it really is time for goals and reaching and all that jazz. If you are watching, I will feel like keeping it going.

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