Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Over The Umatilla

12x16 Oil on Canvas

     There is a place in eastern Oregon that is one of those magical places.  My husband, Rob comes from Hermiston, a little town that we used to joke about...."don't blink, or you will miss it..."  It's a small town, known for it's watermelon and tough girls.  At least where I'm from, it was known for that.  His folks have a place overlooking the Umatilla River with a view that will take you from zero to zen in about 10 seconds.  I have great memories of this place, but they pail in comparison to the stories that Rob tells of growing up on this river.  He and Liz (his sister and partner in crime) practically lived down there on the banks, as they were growing up.  Rob was even baptized there in the river because the font at the church was broken.  This is one of the reasons why we paint....trying to capture on canvas a measure of the things in our world that are beautiful or meaningful to us.   So, here is to rivers and small towns...and little boys that grow up there.  Love them all.




Kit said...

I Love it! even the little black dots of cows make me want to go visit the grands.

Marie HMJ said...

Loving that yellow ochre/green relationship. I love when I see you have a new post!!

Painting workshop said...

Your painting "Over the Umatilla" is great! I like it! Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel

April said...

I am so happy that my eyes can understand the love you capture on hand is stunted in that talent, but my eyes and heart love to drink it in...Thanks!