Saturday, August 1, 2009

get me started....

Lean On Me

8 x 10 Oil on canvas

I am having to jump start myself these days...gotta get me going in a positive direction!! I had a lemon sitting on the counter, just waiting for something wonderful to happen to it... so I borrowed a page from Carol Marine (such an inspiration) and decided to set up a small still life on paper:
(this really is a lemon...looks very orangy in the pic)
What great fun! I had a wonderful morning going crazy with my lemon slices and thinking about what a wonderful thing it is to use complementary about zing! I also finished up a painting that has been sitting for awhile:

New Reflections

12 x 16 oil on canvas

This is really the first time I have done silver...a challenge, but great fun.
Just trying to stretch my brain!



Carol Schiff Studio said...

Love your lemons, the hues are great!

Anonymous said...

i love your lemons. i love them so much. in fact i love whatever you want to give me. if i could buy them from you i would buy at least 7 of them. and i would pay a thousand dollars a painting and consider myself blessed. the paintings i have of yours, i admire often. is it modesty that stops youfrom seeing this. i am seriously interested.