Friday, March 20, 2009

Claire in repose

15x30 oil on canvas

Yes...the magic words have been said..."I'm finished!" This month has passed by in a blurr...many things happening at once, but I have kept painting through it all. This is an accomplishment in itself. I am happy to be doing the thing that I love to do. I have had a completely joyful experience with this painting...1st, painting my sweet Claire, and 2nd, painting completely out of my head. Diving in head first is always exhilarating. David Leffel said, "Learning means leaving security and taking risks. Talent is actually the ability to take risks, to attempt different solutions..." I am definitely in search of a new, higher level of painting. Trying to find myself in different styles is part of the process....seeing what speaks to me....helps me define who I am as a painter and what it is I want to say in my paintings. I'm loving the journey.

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Panorama Way Photography said...

WHAT???? I didn't know you were painting again, let alone posting your masterpieces on a blog! I am going to love coming here often to browse. Are any for sale?